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New Event: An Intersectional Audio Book Club

Image of an open book with headphones attached to either side of the opened book.  The background is a series of pastel colored circles.  At the bottom of the image is the text: 'Intersectional AudioBook Club' in caps.

We are starting an intersectional audiobook club! The goal is to have it be accessible to everyone who wants to participate. Our goal is to listen to and discuss books with characters or topics that delve into the experiences of marginalized individuals or groups.

We are choosing it to be an 'audio book club' rather than a 'book club' because we want to flip what is considered as a default reading book club. But if you want to read rather than listen, you are more than welcome to!

Every few months we will take a poll to see what books we should be reading. Let us know what books you'd like to see included by filling out this Google Form or emailing us at

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