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About: Mission

Image description: Above and below the text “Disability and Accessibility Action Group of H-CAN and SU4LM”  are a series of disability icons, each in their own navy blue squares with the icons in white. In order, the symbols are a phone handset with curved lines indicating amplification AKA phone amplifier, a service dog wearing a lead, hands showing the symbol for American Sign Language indicating sign language interpretation, TTY AKA Telephone Typewriter symbol, an ear indicating access for hearing loss, the accessible icon showing a person leaning forward propelling themselves on a wheelchair, an eye that has a line diagonally dividing it with the left half being obscured by thick white lines indicating visually impaired, a bus with a wheelchair above it indicating wheelchair accessible transportation, a figure with an outstretched white cane indicating blindness, the Braille symbol of 6 dots arranged in 2 columns of 3 dots each with the word Braille underneath, CC indicating Closed

Who We Are

The Disability and Accessibility Action Group brings attention to obstacles and encourages changes that support the rights of the disability and Deaf communities. We are a cross-disability group focused on ensuring that disability rights are respected and access to community events and services are readily available and communicated clearly.

What We Are About

As a cross-disability group, we recognize that not everyone is familiar with or comfortable with the umbrella term disability. We would like to clarify that when we use the broad term disability we include physical, mobility, cognitive, hearing, vision, sensory, invisible, environmental, mental health, intellectual and developmental disabilities, chronic illness, those who are d/Deaf, Autistic as well as any unlisted conditions that might be covered under the ADA or be the subject of ableism or lack of accessibility.


We hope that we will be able to reduce the stigma that can be associated with all kinds of disabilities, and we encourage all to use person-centered language* which allows the person in question to dictate what kind of words they use to identify themselves.

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