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Activities and Actions

  • We offer a variety of programs to help destigmatize disability and educate people of all ages about the things people with disabilities wish everyone else understood.

  • Working with others to assess the accessibility of public spaces like restaurants and stores in Center City.

  • Assessing the accessibility of polling locations in Havertown and beyond. 

  • Captioning videos and teaching others how and why to do this.

  • Working with Disability Equality in Education on reducing stigma about disability through the development of a curriculum for non-disabled students K-12 in PA about disability equality and history.

  • Developing and suggesting questions that have been asked of candidates running for political office to better understand their positions on various topics of importance to the broad disability community.

  • Regularly sharing “Disability Perspectives,” including topics that are original and our members have written as well as sharing news articles and blogs about important topics in the Disability Community through H-CAN’s newsletter.

  • Accessibility mapping event

  • Outreach to area colleges and universities 

Screening of films 

  • “Deej,” the Peabody award winning documentary about a nonspeaking young man's dreams of autistic civil rights

  • The film “I Am,” which follows the journey of 6 students from St Katherine’s Special Education School and 8 dancers from the Pennsylvania Ballet’s Second Company to create a fully realized Ballet piece choreographed by Jessica Kilpatrick. 

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