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Menu of Events: How to Talk to Kids About Disability

  • Type: Interactive Workshop

  • This event is an empowering workshop that gives attendees respectful vocabulary and teaching strategies to facilitate positive discussions about disability amongst themselves and with children.

  • What messages are our children receiving from us and the world about what it means to be disabled?

  • How should we handle our children's in-public questions and staring?

  • What can we do to be welcoming to our children's neuro-diverse peers?

  • What are our children watching on YouTube and seeing on social media about disability and how can we foster thoughtful discussions with them?

  • For workshops with childcare, the children have the opportunity to participate in various age appropriate play based lessons that focus on normalizing disability. There are also free play opportunities with a variety of toys and activities featuring disability as well as adaptive equipment for hands-on exploration.

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