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Disability and Accessibility Action Group

Welcome our group!


We are a cross-disability group focused on ensuring that disability rights are respected and that access to community events and services are readily available and communicated clearly.  We enjoy interacting with the community through events that help broaden people's ideas of disability.  We also find ourselves engaging community leaders to further our goal of creating access where there was none.  Normalization of differences is important to us.

Four children, each doing an activity.  First child looks hesitate while holding a device with a screen.  Se is wearing noise canceling headphones.  Second child is about to look through binoculars.  This child is shown with a gi tube.  Third child is using a wheelchair and is displaying her artwork.  Fourt child is holding some carrots he grown himself!

The only disability in life is a set of ingrained social constructs which normalize the oppression, exclusion and othering of people with disabilities.

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